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Mar 17, 2013 7:00am EDT
ticket in the 1970's with gerald ford. he comes back 20 years later and is a republican nominee. ryan, because he was on national ticket so early, he has a long career, decades ahead in congress, where he will continue to be a player. host: our next caller is from springfield, oregon, on our line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i hope the party follows senator ator cruz's dialogue about not telling americans on american soil. same big promises, we want smaller government, we do not want to do unnecessary wars and stuff. same with obama. he ran on shutting down guantanamo bay and closing down big brother. he made all worse. i guess that is what i want to say, not so much the speeches, but the execution. host: thank you for the call. let me sherry what -- -- let me share with you what bill kristol writes this morning. he points out -- he points out americans being tired of the wars, wars that bill kristol and others have supported over the years, but the essence of his peace, loyal opposition, educating americans about what the gop represents. guest: that is the re
Mar 20, 2013 7:00am EDT
conscience, -- it always goes back to what i feel is best in my conscience ford what i think is right my district, what my district thinks is right. i think sometimes we look at things and we just assume that there is influence from outside factors. i was there. i understand this. i work everyday to make sure our country is safe and that our people people have access to an economy and life that i have had. host: tell us something about being there that people don't understand. it puts it in perspective. you have a sense of pride. it is an interesting sense. .eeing and hearing stories my father was a trooper -- state trooper in georgia. being there one night with a young man -- it was a very difficult situation. we had iraqi security forces who had turned and fired on our own. i was with the young man who was being sent back to the u.s. one of his friends was badly hurt. friend, whyas their did they do that? you try to answer a question like that. that's the kind of things that make it very real and personal. , all i wanted to do was finish what i started. that's the kind of support that
Mar 21, 2013 7:00am EDT
comments there. we appreciate you coming in. you mentioned the u.s. ambassador to syria, robert ford. here is more of his testimony in congress yesterday. [video clip] >> so far, we have no evidence to substantiate the report that chemical weapons were used yesterday. but i want to underline that we are looking very carefully at these reports. we are consulting with partners in the region and in the international community. have been verye clear from the beginning about our concern that as the regime military situation deteriorates and it becomes the director of national intelligence -- it ever more that it might be tempted to use chemical weapons. and the president has been very clear in saying that if those make the mistake of using chemical weapons or if they fail to meet their obligation to secure them, then there will be consequences and they will be held accountable. twitterd some more comments on u.s. policy towards syria -- front page of the new york times this morning is a profile of dr. ben carson. if you have been following the news for conservatives, dr. ben carson has be
Mar 19, 2013 7:00am EDT
the names in this race just make it delicious to watch. we have mark sham ford, the former governor who most of the nation remembers as the guy who slipped out of the country in 2009 so he could visit his mistress, and he -- everyone thought he was hiking the appalachian trail but he was up with a female. so governor sanford is back on his redemption tour, we also family member 's and steven colbert, the comedian, his sister. and a lot of mudslinging which outh carolina is infamous for. host: so sanford is is leading for the primary? guest: yes. it was a comeback story that you thought if it happened it would be five or eight years from now but in four short years mark sanford has managed to turn this completely around and has been talking on t.b.s. about forgiveness and second chances and reminding his voters about his history as of nor and his member congress talking about his record and that's resonating with voters who feel concerned about federal spending and the federal debt, and they just see mark sanford as the guy who could fix it. and they seem to be willing to look past t
Mar 18, 2013 2:00pm PDT
cars and home appliances plunged. in september, president gerald ford asked congress to join him in a battle against inflation. my first priority is to work with you to bring inflation under control. inflation is domestic enemy number one. schoumacher: the federal reserve was also committed to fighting inflation and, under the chairmanship of arthur burns, held to a policy of keeping money tight. robert c. holland served on the fed's policy-making board of governors. when the federal reserve wants to fight inflation, wh it does is provide funds -- basic funds we call reserves, funds to the banking system -- less fast than bank customers are asking for money and credit to finance the kind of spending they're trying to do in this inflationary period. that means banks have to hold back a bit in terms of the amount they lend, may have to sell some assets, sell some securities to adjust. that puts a little more restraint on borrowers, they don't get quite as much money. banks typically charge higher interest rates. those higher interest rates lead borrowers and investors of all sorts to
Mar 13, 2013 6:30pm PDT
jobs over the new few years. and, last month, ford announced it will be adding 2,200 salaried employees this year, some of those will be at a cleveland engine plant where today it announced the addition of 450 jobs. >> these jobs, some of them will be people transferring in from other locations where we may have available people but the majority of them will be new hires and they will fall under the new agreement we did in 2007. >> reporter: in recent years, ford had shuttered two plants in that same ohio area. but today's expansion comes as ford moves production of it's eco boost engine from spain back to the u.s. because demand for the engines and fuel efficient cars is booming. >> the auto consumer seems to be very resilient and very strong. we think it has a lot to do with pent up demand given the last several years the car has aged and replacement is necessary. >> reporter: as simple as it sounds, higher demand for cars means there's a need for more people to produce them. >> the year is still early and we've had some good announcements already about jobs being added so i
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6